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Geico recently published an article about California Having 6 of the top 10 areas for the MOST stolen cars. That is scary! I hardly ever think about my car getting stolen, and I’ve never met Someone who’ve HAD Their car stolen, but I can imagine it being a frightening experience. However, I drive a’95 Altima, so whoeverwants to steal That car can go right ahead. Some tips for Reducing your chances of getting your car stolen. Always park in well lit areasAlways keep your doors locked and windows up. Never keep your car in the ignition. Do not leave your valuables in plain view. Watch out for the bump and rob method. Car thieves will bump your car, you are and when to checking out the damage, They steal your car! Get your VIN number etched into your windows. Get a car alarm. They Have That car alarms will now alert the police if anything other than is tampered With the ignition. Auto insurance is a huge business, and it is Sometimes confusing to know Which insurance company is looking out for you. Many of us buy insurance based on the lowest premium, but you factor in the Past Should quality of coverage that you ‘are getting. I would Imagine That there are policies out there That do not cover for stolen cars, or if They do, there are exclusions that apply. Make sure you know what you are buying when it comes to your auto insurance. If you want to save money on it, buy a higher deductible and Enhance the safety features on your car to get premium credits. For more information click this link: Always Ask About premium credits, Because Tend to forget about agents Reducing your bill Sometimes. If shopping for auto insurance feels like a daunting task, search for cheap auto insurance from CarInsurance. This website will shop around for you to look for the lowest premium at your specified needs and desires for coverages. Tweet DianomiBelowUnit var = new DianomiBelowUnit; Said = 2359 “; DianomiBelowUnit.initialize; Related ContentEvaluate Your Insurance Policies When Money Is Tight You Can Help Control The Cost Of Home and Car Insurance How To Make A Car Accident Compensation Claim And Get Boat Insurance Coverage Policy? -how Much Do You Need Would You Put A Tracker In Your Car To Save Money On Auto Insurance Tweet CrashersJoin 78.670 SubscribersGET THE MONEY FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER CRASHERS GAgoogleFillSlot;! Categories Insurance, Random medianetwidth = 810. “; medianetheight = 250”; medianetcrid = 260406246 “; medianetversionId = 111299”; var isSSL = ‘https.’ == document.protocol; var mnSrc = + ‘//’+;document.write;); Erik FolgateErik and his wife, Lindzee, live in Orlando, Florida with a baby boy on the way. Erik works as an account manager for a marketing company, and considers counseling friends, family and the readers of Money Crashers Personal His ministry to others. Erik Became Passionate about personal finance and helping others make wise financial decisions after racking up over 20k in credit card debt and student loan Within the first two years of college. Sarah McBride

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